Men’s Seniors Field Day 2016

Low Gross of the Field – Frank Harten with a 71
Low Net of the Field – Jeff Henning with a 64
Closest to the Hole was won by Jim Walker

50-59 Field
1st Low Gross – Bill Christie
1st Low Net – Mike Kramer
2nd Low Gross – Joe Mathews
2nd Low Net – Mike Hobbs
3rd Low Gross – Mike Moore
3rd Low Net – Shawn Selleck
4th Low Gross – Gord Johnson
4th Low Net – Paul Shortall
5th Low Gross – Carson Rand
5th Low Net – Steve Fox
6th Low Gross – Scott Asselstine
6th Low Net – Brian Wolfram
7th Low Gross – Dave Redmond
7th Low Net – Kevin Baker
8th Low Gross – Harvey Milne
8th Low Net – Gord Kreger

60-64 Field
1st Low Gross – Rick Jaynes
1st Low Net – Wally Dainard
2nd Low Gross – Michael Purcell
2nd Low Net – Brian Vermeersch
3rd Low Gross – Glenn Caird
3rd Low Net – Charlie Nesterouski
4th Low Gross – Milt Rose
4th Low Net – Doug Pennell
5th Low Gross – Ross Hildebrandt
5th Low Net – Mike Fitzpatrick
6th Low Gross – Dave Elliot

65-69 Field
1st Low Gross – Eric Stevens
1st Low Net – Howie Wark
2nd Low Gross – Rob Smart
2nd Low Net – Chad Caseman
3rd Low Gross – Bill Blake
3rd Low Net – Jim Lennox
4th Low Gross – Dennis Chadwick
4th Low Net – Rick Dunston
5th Low Gross – Ed Malinowski
5th Low Net – Dale Maracle
6th Low Gross – Blair Smith
6th Low Net – Jim Walker
7th Low Gross – Larry McNeil
7th Low Net – Barry Letang

70-78 Field
1st Low Gross – Carl Stacey
1st Low Net – Cecil Asselstine
2nd Low Gross – Bob Collins
2nd Low Net – Barry Knox
3rd Low Gross – Bob Gilmour
3rd Low Net – Dewey Hall
4th Low Gross – Wayne Kellar
4th Low Net – Al Thompson
5th Low Gross – Rob Brown
5th Low Net – Cyril Asselstine
6th Low Gross – Bob Foster
6th Low Net – John MacArthur
7th Low Gross – Al Pomeroy
7th Low Net – John Little
8th Low Gross – Dave Lewis
8th Low Net – Arnie Chestnue
9th Low Gross – Larry Hogan
9th Low Net – Frank Parker

79+ Field
1st Low Gross – John Hughs
1st Low Net – rob Burrows
2nd Low Gross – Goerge Yonemitsu
2nd Low Net – Fred Staples
3rd Low Gross – Bill Carr
3rd Low Net – Ron Pichard


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