Work Place Safety & Prevention Camden Braes Golf & Country Club

March 25 2021

Ontario is in the midst of a global pandemic. While the COVID-19 situation is changing rapidly. Camden Braes is committed to change with it to keep our golf family and staff safe. Camden Braes fall under KFL&A guidelines. Please check with proshop on current practices.

BEST PRACTICES We know that every workplace is unique. That makes it so important that every workplace assess functions carried out by their workforce to ensure they take action to protect against the hazards presented by COVID-19. Things like practicing physical distancing (staying 2 meters away from others), proper hand hygiene, keeping surfaces and objects clean, and preventing contact with potentially infected people – these are all critically important measures. Other information on how you can protect yourself is available on

RECOGNIZE HAZARD/ASSESS RISKS COVID-19 can travel in respiratory droplets that are released into the environment by laughing, coughing, sneezing, close contact with an infected person or touching contaminated items and then touching your face. For golf course workers, we recognize that you will have contact with customers and co-workers, as well as contact with surfaces, such as money, credit cards, carts, golf equipment, machinery and products as you work. You could potentially come in contact with droplets from these interactions. Take a look at where you might minimize those risks within your workplace. Consult public health information to learn the symptoms of COVID-19 infection. Recognize and report these hazards and use appropriate controls. Ensure that if you have symptoms stay home and see a medical professional.

CONTROLS To protect yourself from exposure to COVID-19 here are some options: • Proper handwashing is key. Use good hand washing technique and avoid touching your face. Extra handwashing is a good idea for everyone – and when that’s not possible, a hand sanitizer with minimum alcohol content of 60% should be used frequently. Disinfect your hands after interacting with co-workers or completing tasks. Be sure to keep an adequate supply of soap, paper towels, etc. • Everyone working at Camden Braes has been trained on possible COVID-19 transmission points in the workplace, what steps are being taken to protect them, and how they can protect themselves, including good handwashing technique and proper hand hygiene, sanitizing practices and not touching their face. • For further guidance on screening procedures, consult the Ministry of Health. • People who are sick or have signs of illness (e.g. fever, coughing, sneezing, runny nose, tiredness, shortness of breath) should self-isolate, notify their employer and call a doctor or healthcare provider*. • Screening of golfers prior to entry onto the course for signs of illness and if we suspect illness we will refuse entry. To minimize contact through payment transactions we ask all golfers to pre-pay online or use credit, debit or e-transfer, if possible • Ensure physical distancing is observed by employees and golfers, with a minimum of 2 meters maintained between individuals.


o Establish clear visuals to show where golfers may park, pay, and proceed safely to first tee etc. while maintaining physical distancing (more than 2 meters) between individuals at all times.

o Manage traffic flow and physical distancing with barriers and floor markings.

o Stagger tee times to avoid congestion.

o Practice physical distancing (staying 2 meters away from others) during job activities; encourage golfers to practice physical distancing during play.

o ALL staff to help ensure customers are following physical distancing protocols.

o Workers ride in equipment alone.


o Limit the number of people in a workspace and reconfigure workspace to ensure 2 meters physical distance between individuals.

o One customers to enter the pro shop at one time (monitor entry/exit). Restrictions in all retail areas.


o Golf Carts have plastic dividers to keep driver and passenger safe.

o Thoroughly disinfection of all golf carts between each use.

o All workers equipment disinfected after each use.

o We have assigned each worker to their own piece of equipment, (e.g. fairway mowers, leaf blower, turf sprayers etc.)


o Eliminate transmission via surfaces such as flag poles and cups, leave the flag in place and fill the cup at each hole so that the ball justs drop into the hole.

o We have removed ball washers.

o Extra garbage receptacles available for dispose of used sanitizing wipes and personal protective equipment (PPE).

o Hand sanitizer for customers upon entry And exits.

• Increased the cleaning frequency of our workspace – door handles and commonly touched surfaces every 2 hours. Food takeout areas every hour. Wash rooms on golf course 3 times a day.

• Staff provided with hand sanitizer for their use when receiving deliveries, interacting with the golfers etc.

Score cards and pencils separated and available out side.

• Camden Braes has contacted KFL&A public health for updates and retrain/revise practices as needed.

• Ensured that measures well communicated to golfers, members and customers before arrival, onsite and throughout play.

As a last resort, consider Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), which is effective only if it’s appropriate for the situation following a risk assessment and when it correctly worn. Ensure your PPE training includes the fit, use, care, putting on and taking off, maintenance, cleaning and limitations of the PPE as per manufacturer’s instructions. Some examples of PPE that may be suited to golf course would include: Gloves – can help limit contact with equipment, surfaces etc. Be sure to understand proper use and removal, as well as disposal for changing when soiled.

Any questions or concerns contact

Brian Wolfram

Camden Braes Golf & Country Club

1459 Simmons Road, Odessa, Ont



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