In fond memory of past members
Jack Cox
Dave Carrol
Bruce & Audrey Thompson


In fond memory of
Lloyd Kennedy
Our balls are lost without you.


Ladies tee: In fond memory of past members
Sylvia Munnelly 6th October 2008
Gary Baker 11th June 2009
Bill Morton 6th October 2009


In memory of Harold Todd
June 19th 1915-June 3rd 1990
He loved the game.


Andy Casey
July 5th 1921 – January 11th 2008
with fond memories from Barry, Andree & Dave Casey
Andy Casey & Barry Casey
The first father/son team to win the Two Ball Championship 1991


Gary Baker
In memory of Gary, who eagled this hole on his last day.


“I’m just trying something new with my swing”
Roger Tousignant


Ernie Gregory

 You have touched many hearts.

 Your sense of humour, your story telling and your love of the game will be missed by everyone at Camden Braes. 

This bell and it’s plaque were donated to Camden Braes in memory of Ernie Gregory by Charles & Odette O’Neill. 

The bell was erected beside our famous number nine green so golfers will know the way is clear to hit up the hill and onto the green.

 Each time the bell tolls look up and think of Ernie with a smile!

ON TEE #11

In fond memory of past members
Arnie Parret
Max Jackson
Ken Langdon
Ralf Semmelhaack

ON TEE #12

Dave Mowers
January 21st 2008
Lynda, Geoff, family & friends

ON TEE #13

Earl Stroud

ON TEE #14

Richard “Dick” Davies
October 9th 1934 – March 10th 2009
Didn’t matter who you were, he would golf with you.

ON TEE #16

Dick & Rene Oldershaw
Life long friends who contributed much to the building of The Braes.
Great times and great memories that will last forever.
Herb, Marg, Linda, Kevin and Brian,
Camden Braes Golf & Country Club

ON TEE #15

In fond memory of past members
Guy Bergeron 4th July 2005
Larry Hedges 5th November 2006
Fred Cronk 15th December 2006

100 acres, 18 holes, 36 tees, 16 new benches, 30 old benches
REALLY, what are the odds this tree would land smack dab across this brand new bench??? 🙁 So if you see a Salvador Dali like bench…now you know what happened! We figure if it’s good enough for a tree to sit on it’s good enough for us to sit on! On the bright side, this is a lot of firewood.

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