Club Champs 2016

Good morning!

An exciting weekend it was here at Camden Braes where we held the 2016 Club Championships. Both Saturday and Sunday brought great weather for the tournament but things were definitely heating up on the course. Our very own Sharon McClelland won her third consecutive Women’s Club Championship title and Randy Cox also snagged his fifth consecutive Men’s Senior Championship, astounding feats for both of them, congratulations!

Congratulations to all of our winners this year, but the talk of the tournament is the 6 round tie breaker between 3 of our incredible members; Rhoda MacFarlane, Anna Metzger and Deb Campaigne. What a nail biter, but in the end Rhoda MacFarlane came out on top to win the Women’s Senior Club Championship. Congrats to all three ladies!

Below you will find a summary of the 2016 Club Championships,

Happy golfing!


Men’s Club Champion – Michael Beneteau

Men’s A Flight

1st Gross – Zac O’Neil
1st Net – Steve Rodriquez
2nd Gross – Chris Beneteau
2nd Net – Ezel Erkan
3rd Gross – Andrew Beneteau

Mens B Fight

1st Gross – Colin Millen
1st Net – Bill Clarke
2nd Gross – Brian Wolfram
2nd Net – George Kattar
3rd Gross – Marc Demers

Jr Boys Club Champion – Stephen Beneteau

1st Gross – Ethan Wolfram

Women’s Club Champion – Sharon McClelland

Women’s Senior Club Champion – Rhoda MacFarlane

Ladies Flight

1st Gross- Deb Campaigne
1st Net – Anna Metzger
2nd Gross – Sue Leknois
2nd Net – Audrey Nadon
3rd Gross – Michelle Cloutier- Hunt
3rd Net – Margaret Grenier

Men’s Senior Club Champion – Randy Cox

Senior Flight

1st Low Gross – Leo Hanlon
1st Net – Bob Mellon
2nd Gross – Frank Amos
2nd Net – Will Geary

Super Senior Champ – Richard Dupuis

1st Gross – Gilles Grenier
1st Net – John MacArthur
2nd Gross – John Metzger
2nd Net – Larry Pringle
3rd Gross – Ron McClelland


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