Halloween 2007

Halloween 2007

Mary our cook went batty for the occasion! Lauren and Danielle looked fantastic as Marilyn Monroe and Jessica Rabbit! Lady Luck was covered in a boa made of money, dice, cards and looked great!

Robin Hood, Maid Marion and a cereal killer were having a great time while surrounded by rats and spiders!

Three comedians entertained the gruesome crowd and we have never laughed so much! All three were fantastic and had the audience in stitches!

A dance followed and there were lots of scary moves a cowboy riding an ostrich danced with a maiden and Austin worked the room!

Devils Horns, Radish Eyeballs, Witch Zits, Bat Wings and Monster Heads were just a few of the items on the buffet … then finish your scary meal with some witches fingers, some scary scrabble brownies and a bowl of jello heart or brains … all thanks to Mary and Brian!

Dancing Divas rockin the dance floor!
What a fantastic night everyone had! The food was “to die for” and the comedians were killing everyone with their humour. The DJ stayed late and everyone danced till 2:00! Awesome costumes, great friends … thanks one and all for an evening to remember. … see you next year!


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