Mixed Invitational 2015

25th Annual Mixed Invitational, 2015

We had over 10 different clubs represented from as far away as Morrisburg joining us today. Thank you EVERYONE for making this day such a success! Stu & Joan Atkins donated a beautiful basket once again this year…sending them a heart felt thank you! It was a wonderful day to meet old and new friends and enjoy a day on the golf course as well as socializing once in the club house with a few cold ones and the our Prime Rib dinner!

Overall Field Winners
1st Low Gross Kurt Ammon & Christine Fraser 65
1st Low Net Brian Wolfram & Lori Flynn 59

A Flight 0 – 20 Hcp
1st Low Gross Joe & Michelle Matthews 70
1st Low Net Steve & kelly Rodriguez 61
2nd Low Gross Glenn & Connie Caird 76TB
2nd Low Net Joe & Lou Dacosta 62TB
3rd Low Gross Rick & Mary Jaynes 76
3rd Low Net Cliff & Bonnie Mitchell 62
4th Low Gross Kevin & Connie Wolfram 77
4th Low Net Tony Barrow & Nicole Seuprenauat 64TB
5th Low Gross John & Barb Hendy 78
5th Low Net John & Anna Metzler 64
6th Low Gross Jeff & Sue Butchers 79
6th Low Net John & Brenda VanEssen 66
7th Low Gross Zane & Rhoda MacFarlane 80
7th Low Net Donna & peter Stever 67TB
8th Low Gross Bryan Cochrane & Lori Davies 85
8th Low Net Dave Jackson & Gail Harlock 67

B Flight 21-36 Hcp
1st Low Gross Randy Cox & Annie Kristensen 84
1st Low Net Ron & Sharon McClellan 63TB
2nd Low Gross Frank & Joyce VanDenhoogen 88
2nd Low Net Terry & Judy Laurin 64TB
3rd Low Gross Rick & Tammy Rogers 92
3rd Low Net Gordon & Sandra Hazelett 64TB
4th Low Gross Al & Rosina Thompson 95
4th Low Net Bob & Audrey Nadon 66
5th Low Gross Ted & Vicki Padley 97
5th Low Net Bob & Heather St. Jules 69
6th Low Gross Hugh & Beth Crook 98
6th Low Net Peter & Nancy Wilkie 72

1st Gross Shawn Selleck & Wendy Modler 84
1st Net Erwin Rose & Irene Rivet 74
2nd Gross Dave & Colleen Bennet 85
2nd Net Hans & Ruan Witovet 75
3rd Gross Jamie & Linda Fraser 93
3rd Low Net Jim Psutka & Jenny Pearson 75
4th Low Gross Randy & Kim Murphy 97
4th Low Net Bob & Diane Payne 77
5th Low Gross Charles O’Neill & Ann Remple 101


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