Seniors 2014

34th Annual Men’s Senior Field Day, June 17th, 2014

1st Low Gross of the field
Eric Stevens
Garrison – 75

1st Low Net of the field
Eric Reynolds

What a beautiful day it was!
The Braes ‘n Ale Pub & Grill was open for breakfast and many came in to enjoy hot coffee, bacon and eggs before the games began.

It was suggested last year that 79+ play from the red tees …done…anything to make these wonderful fellows happy, so in 2014 the red tees it is! These fellows were amazing and played just as well if not better than most…so 2015 you can declare red or white tees!

We couldn’t do this tournament without all the volunteers so a special shout out to everyone who spent the day making sure the players had a good experience here at Camden Braes…

Age Group: 50-59

1st Low Gross Randy Cox Camden Braes 77
1st Low Net Aaron O’Neil Camden Braes 67TB
2nd Low Gross Milt Rose Napanee 78TB
2nd Low Net Gil Pomeray Napanee 67
3rd Low Gross Gilbert Tayles Garrison 78TB
3rd Low Net Mike Hobbs Camden Braes 70TB
4th Low Gross Paul Shortall Smugglers Glen 80
4th Low Net Bob Mellon Camden Braes 70TB
5th Low Gross Frank Hartin Black Bear 81TB
5th Low Net Scott Watson Smugglers 72TB


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