Ladies Invitational 2014

Ladies Invitational 2014 supporting Breast Cancer Survivors

Low Gross of the Field Christine Fraser of Camden Braes 78
Low Net of the Field Stacey Halliday 64

A Flight
1st Low Gross Deb Campaigne 83TB
1st Low Net Bonnie King 68
2nd Low Gross Kelly Hanson 83TB
2nd Low Net Sue Butchers 71
3st Low Gross Connie McRae 84TB
3st Low Net Sharon McClellan 72
4th Low Gross Lori Christie 84TB
4th Low Net Carol Nutt 73 TB
5th Low Gross Sharon Sturges 87TB
5th Low Net Lori Davies 73TB
6th Low Gross Joanne Smith 87
6th Low Net Gerry Moss 78
7th Low Gross Sharon Hill 97
7th Low Net Sue Leknois 79 TB

B Flight
1st Low Gross Marg Beck 95
1st Low Net Deb German 68
2nd Low Gross Vivian Kimball 98
2nd Low Net Epp VanOostrum 70
3st Low Gross Monique Patenaude 99
3st Low Net Linda Derue 73
4th Low Gross Rina Gilmore 102
4th Low Net Pam Powell 78 TB
5th Low Gross Marg Watson 104
5th Low Net Carol Nobles 78 TB
6th Low Gross Margie Robb 106 TB
6th Low Net Alie Minaker 78 TB
7th Low Gross Marlene Elliot 106 TB
7th Low Net Georgina May 79

C Flight
1st Low Gross Erin Surgent 100
1st Low Net Kathy Nesbitt 104 TB
2nd Low Gross Bev Kelly 106
2nd Low Net Carol McIlvaney 71 TB
3rd Low Gross Bev Kelly Marg Grennier 109
3rd Low Net Linday French 75
4th Low Gross Madge hartwick 130
4th Low Net Doreen Bates 76 TB
5th Low Gross Joan Andrews 115 TB
5th Low Net Dora Burke 76 TB
6th Low Gross Audrey Nadon 115 TB
6th Low Net Judith Adam 79

A very special thank you to our sponsors who make this day such a success:

McCoy Bus Service and Tours
Flynn Auto Glass and Tinting
Danone Yogurt
Donna Robinson
Ladies Thursday Night League
Jamie Stever and Marcy Daly

McCoy Bus Service and Tours donated 5 day trips for two for our silent auction. Also donated by McCoy were the practical and pretty canvas bags, one for everyone! Flynn Auto Glass and Tinting the special coffee basket which is a great hit every year. Each golfer enjoyed a Danactive thanks to Danone, Golf Trends donated 4 great prizes, Jamie Stever donated his CD and wine while Donna Robinson donated a beautiful painted. The Allowette girls treated everyone to hand and neck massages which is always wonderful! Thank you to everyone!

A Special Thank you to our volunteers:

Sharon McClelland, Jan Glenn, Christine Fraser, Brad Fraser, Linda Priest, Clare Perry, Sky Wannamaker, Audrey Nadon, Sue Leknois, Deb Campaigne, Donna Robinson, Sherri Neal, Erin Serant, Inga Jesperson and Marg Wolfram. Thank you to all the wonderful gentlemen who spent the entire day helping … Randy Cox, Barry Knox, Greg Moon, Pat King, Don Parks, Dick Turner, Dennis Stevenson and Bob Nadon. Also thank you to all the generous donations by members, businesses and friends. Without your help and support this event would not be so successful.

A big thank you to the staff at Camden Braes for all of your hard work. You are the people who make this day run smoothly and who feed us such delicious food. Mary and Brian make the best turkey dinner. A big shout out to my staff who do an amazing job of keeping us organized,
Christine Fraser, Marc Demers and Linda Lusby


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