Early Bird 2014

Men’s 37th Annual Early Bird Invitational, May 24th, 2014

1st Low Gross of the Field – Zac O’Neil – Camden Braes 75
1st Low Net of the Field – Bob Morrow – 2nd year – Warkworth 69

A Flight

1st Low Gross Adam Leadbetter Evergreen 77
1st Low Net Billy Leadbetter Evergreen 73
2nd Low Gross Bryon Brown Warkworth 78
2nd Low Net Chris Beneteau Camden Braes 75
3rd Low Gross Chris McIvor 82
3rd Low Net Andrew Beneteau Camden Braes 78

B Flight

1st Low Gross Jamie Leach Camden Braes 82
1st Low Net Brian Wolfram Camden Braes 71
2nd Low Gross Steve Rodriguez Camden Braes 82
2nd Low Net Don MacDonald Pine Ridge 72
3rd Low Gross Bob Moral Warkworth 85
3rd Low Net Eldon Perry Warkworth 75

C Flight

1st Low Gross Andrew O’Neil Camden Braes 85
1st Low Net Mark Richard Camden Braes 71
2nd Low Gross Jeff Baker Warkworth 86
2nd Low Net Justin MacDonald Camden Braes 73
3rd Low Gross Gord Harbottle 94
3rd Low Net Gilles Grenier Camden Braes 77
4th Low Gross Moe Sheppard Warkworth 95
4th Low Net Aaron O’Neil Camden Braes 78

The course was in fantastic shape, but very wet after this late spring but the men were ready fo the challenge!


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