Club Champs 2014

Club Championship June 19th & 20th, 2014

The weekend was perfect! The course was in amazing shape and the weather was sunny and bright! Peter Beneteau reclaimed his title as Club Champion for the fifth year in a row shooting a 74 ont he first day and a 70 on the second day for a gross total of 144. Zac O’Neil had two solid rounds to become 2014’s Men’s Club Champion. Congrats to Randy Cox for wining the Senior Men’s division and Ray Medhurst took the Super Senior crown. The Beneteau’s are keeping it in the family with Michael winning the Junior Boy’s club Championship. Sharon claimed the Ladies Club Champs and Bonnie won Senior Ladies Championship for the 2nd year in a row. It was a weekend of excellent golf, memorable shots, rulings and an overall a great competition. The Membership Association is to be congratulated on their organization in creating a successful tournament. Many volunteered a lot of time to make sure Camden Braes members had a fair and fun time; thank you.

Club Champion
Peter Beneteau (5th year) 144

Men’s Champion
Zac O’Neil 153

Senior Men’s Champion
Randy Cox 179

Super Senior Men’s Champion
Ray Medhurst 160

Ladies Champion
Sharon McClelland 172

Ladies Senior Champion
Bonnie King (2nd year) 180

Junior Boy’s Champion
Michael Beneteau (2nd year) 158
Below we are missing Bonnie King and Zac O’Neil

Men’s “A” Flight
1st Low Gross 152
1st Low Net Bi 136
2nd Low Gross Za 155
2nd Low Net D 140
3rd Low Gross E 159
3rd Low Net Ku 145

Men’s “B” Flight
1st Low Gross Stev 165
1st Low Net Ri 139
2nd Low Gross G 193
2nd Low Net Br 144

Seniors Mens
1st Low Gross Pe 162
1st Low Net Mik 143

Super Senior Men’s
1st Low Gross Ro 184
1st Low Net W 140

1st Low Gross Mi 205
1st Low Net Ang 159

Seniors Ladies
1st Low Gross S 201
1st Low Net A 140

Junior Boys
1st Low Gross And 163
1st Low Net B 146


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