Super Seniors 2013

34th Annual Men’s Super Senior Field Golf Day, September 2013

Yeah….it was a beautiful and sunny day and the “super” seniors were out in great numbers and spirits!! We had golfers from as far as Ash Brook, Bancroft, Picton, Smith Falls and Morrisburg arrive for breakfast before their game. What a fun bunch…

1st Low Gross of the field Roger Ling Trillium Woods 72
1st Low Net of the field Glen Harry Cataraqui 65

A Flight: 60 to 64

1st Low Gross Rick Jaynes Ash Brooke 75
1st Low Net Brian Vermeersch – 2nd year Bancroft 68
2nd Low Gross Michael Purcell Landings 77
2nd Low Net Gerald Courtney Amherstview 69TB
3rd Low Gross Mike Fornier Amherstview 83
3rd Low Net Ted Sullivan Picton 69TB
4th Low Gross Al MacDonald Picton 69TB
4th Low Net Ron Grenaham Barcovan 74
5th Low Gross Rick Bigelow Cataraqui 89
5th Low Net Dave Elliot Glenn Lawrence 76

B Flight: 65 to 69

1st Low Gross Bill Blake Garrison 76
1st Low Net Peter Greenaway 66
2nd Low Gross Robert Lee Smith Falls 80TB
2nd Low Net John Corsi Cataraqui 71TB
3rd Low Gross Larry Waller 80TB
3rd Low Net Larry Hogan Glen Lawrence 71TB
4th Low Gross Rick Cunningham Amherstview 81
4th Low Net Murray Kinnear Picton 73
5th Low Gross Mike Amson Landings 83
5th Low Net Rick Chiarandini Loyalist 74TB
6th Low Gross Mich Phomin 84
6th Low Net Russ Leal Bay of Quinte 75

C Flight: 70 to 74

1st Low Gross Wink Wilson Cataraqui 83
1st Low Net Charlie Osborne Loyalist 68TB
2nd Low Gross Ron McClellan Camden Braes 85
2nd Low Net Frank Parker Briar Fox 70
3rd Low Gross Brian Hetherington 87
3rd Low Net Neville Burroughs Bay of Quinty 71TB
4th Low Gross Bob Foster 88TB
4th Low Net Ken Morrus Loyalist 71TB
5th Low Gross Garry Daly Picton 89TB
5th Low Net Jack Derue Inverary 74
6th Low Gross Ivan Matjulla Loyalist 90TB
6th Low Net Bob Youmelle Morrisburg 75TB
7th Low Gross John Little Bancroft 90TB
7th Low Net Andy Patenaude Morrisburg 75TB

D Flight: 75 Plus

1st Low Gross Murray Lively Riv 78
1st Low Net Ron Bunnett Briar Fox 67
2nd Low Gross Fred Staples Loyalist 79
2nd Low Net Jack Hughes Briar Fox 68
3rd Low Gross George Yonemitsu Briar Fox 84TB
3rd Low Net Chuck Joyce Inverary 73
4th Low Gross Kevin Mills Cataraqui 84TB
4th Low Net Les Hoel Cataraqui 75
5th Low Gross Gerald Manale 88TB
5th Low Net Doug Swain Inverary 76TB
6th Low Gross Doug McCallum Garrison 88TB
6th Low Net Harold Chalker Cedar Glen 76TB
7th Low Gross Dick Fleming Cataraqui 92
7th Low Net Pat King Camden Braes 78


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