Seniors 2013

34th Annual Men’s Senior Field Day, June 18th. 2013

1st Low Gross of the field Bill Christie Public 73
1st Low Net of the field Ron McClelland Camden Braes 66
A large field from Black Bear to Ashbrook and Smith Falls to Bancroft came out to The Braes and and enjoyed a wonderful day of golf and camaraderie.

The Braes ‘n Ale Pub & Grill was open for breakfast and many came in to enjoy hot coffee, bacon and eggs before the games began.

It was suggested that the 79+ play from the red tees next year…done…anything to make these wonderful fellows happy, so in 2014 the red tees it is!

We couldn’t do this tournament without all the volunteers so a special shout out to everyone who spent the day making sure the players had a good experience here at Camden Braes..

Age Group: 50-59

1st Low Gross Gilbert Tayles Garrison 74tb
1st Low Net Milt Rose Napanee 68tb
2nd Low Gross Mike Jones Ashbrook 74tb
2nd Low Net Randy Cox – 2nd year in a row Camden Braes 70
3rd Low Gross Phil Howlett 81
3rd Low Net Kevin Baker Napanee 71
4th Low Gross Frank Hartin Garrison 82tb
4th Low Net Brian Robinson Camden Braes 73
5th Low Gross Mark Hudgins Black Bear 82tb
5th Low Net Duncon Burke Napanee 74

Age Group: 60-64

1st Low Gross Eric Steven -2nd year in a row Garrison 75tb
1st Low Net Ted Sullivan Picton 70tb
2nd Low Gross Rick Jaynes Ashbrook 75tb
2nd Low Net Jim Lennox Ashbrook 70tb
3rd Low Gross Geoff Henning Garrison 81
3rd Low Net Larry McNeill Briar Fox 71
4th Low Gross Robert Lee Smith Falls 85
4th Low Net Mike Milne Camden Braes 73
5th Low Gross George Derue Rivendell 89
5th Low Net Mike FitzpatrickCamden Braes 74

Age Group: 65-69
1st Low Gross Wayne Kellar Bancroft 76
1st Low Net John Susin 68
2nd Low Gross Bill Blake 78
2nd Low Net Dick Turner Camden Braes 69tb
3rd Low Gross Larry Waller Inverary 85
3rd Low Net Jim Walker Glen Lawrence 69tb
4th Low Gross Art Jackson Colonade 86
4th Low Net Ray Medhurst Camden Braes 75tb
5th Low Gross Murray Kinnear Picton 89
5th Low Net Arnie Chestnut Glen Lawrence 75tb
6th Low Gross Dave Cashman Inverary 90
6th Low Net Larry Hogan Glen Lawrence 77

Age Group: 70 +
1st Low Gross Fred Staples Loyalist 78
1st Low Net Cecil AsselstineRivendell 69tb
2nd Low Gross Ken Stoker Ashbrook 82
2nd Low Net Bill Carr Colonnade 69
3rd Low Gross Murray Lively Rivendell 83
3rd Low Net Bob Foster Ashbrook 74tb
4th Low Gross George Yonemitzo-2nd year! Bancroft 84
4th Low Net Roger Dingman Briar Fox 75tb
5th Low Gross Carl Stradwick Napanee 87
5th Low Net Garry Daly Picton 75tb
6th Low Gross Jack Hughes Briar Fox 89
6th Low Net Jim Roenspies Colonade 75tb
7th Low Gross Brian Hetherington 92
7th Low Net Dick Flemming Cataraqui 75tb
8th Low Gross John Little Bancroft 92
8th Low Net Ron Bunnett Briar Fox 78
9th Low Gross Frank Parker Briar Fox 96
9th Low Net Ron Prichard Rivendell 79
10th Low Gross Leroy Littlefield 98tb
10th Low Net Bill Paisley Cataraqui 80

Closest to the Hole for the field Jim Lennox

Low Gross of the Field
Low Net of the Field
Closest to the Hole

Low Gross 50-59
Low Gross 60-64
Low Gross 65-69
Low Gross

We hope everyone had a great day and that you will take home not only terrific prizes but worth more than that…special memories.

Low Net 50-59
Low Net 65-69
Low Net 60-64


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