Mixed Invitational 2013

23rd Annual Mixed Invitational, 2013

Camden Braes was a hub bub of activity, laughter and fun on August 25th for our 23rd annual Mixed Invitational! Who knew we would see 23 years and it just keeps growing and getting better every year! 122 golfers graced the greens and enjoyed a beautiful sunny day on the links. Prime rib was a hit for dinner and everyone went home with a great prize, a full tummy and some wonderful memories. Thank you to all the volunteers, golfers and staff for making this day a successful day!

The low gross prize for the day went to John & Judy Taylor with a 72!

The low net score for the field went to Randy Cox & Annie Kristensen with 59!!

Thank you to everyone who made sure we were all organized and had things running smoothly and a special thanks to everyone in the kitchen for the best prime rib yet.

1st Low Gross John & Judy Taylor 72
1st Low Net Randy Cox & Annie Kristensen 59

A Flight
1st Low Gross Kurt Ammon & Christine Fraser 73
1st Low Net Erma & Bill Wallace 64
2nd Low Gross David & Megan Farrow 77
2nd Low Net Bryan Cochrane & Lori Davies 65
3rd Low Gross John & Barb Hendy 81
3rd Low Net Kevin & Connie Wolfram 65
4th Low Gross Zane & Rhoda MacFarlane 81
4th Low Net Bill & Heather Cullen 65

B Flight
1st Low Gross Brian & Kelly Wolfram 82
1st Low Net Jim & Candice Jamieson 60
2nd Low Gross Pat & Bonnie King 83
2nd Low Net Frank & Joyce VanDenhoogen 63
3rd Low Gross Allan & Rosena Thompson 89
3rd Low Net Bob & Audrey Nadon 63
4th Low Gross Perry & Darlene Hiltz 90
4th Low Net Bob & Carol Truman 65

1st Gross Ezel & Clare Erkin 86
1st Net Steve & Sue Leknois 71
2nd Gross Dave & Kim Bennett 86
2nd Net Gary & Julie Hart (2nd year in a row) 75
3rd Gross John & Kathie Sauvie 89
3rd Low Net Charlie & Odette O’Neill 76


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