Members Scramble 2013

Member’s Superball Tournament, May 26th, 2013

1st place team – Sharon McClelland, Brad Rouleau and Bob Mellon
2nd place team – Tony Glenn, Ray Medhurst, Michelle Cloutier-Hunt
3rd place team – Jan Glenn, Gil Lesage, Tyson Dowdle
4th place team – Randy Cox, Audrey Nadon, Gilles Grenier
Closest to the Hole – for the Men, Brad Rouleau took the prize and the Ladies winner was Bonnie King

Member’s Mixed Scramble, Sunday June 9, 2013

Jan volunteering to work in the gardens with Dan helping. Thank you for all your time and help Jan!!!!
Here’s Jan again helping out!
1st Place – Gerald Clark, George Kattar, Stue Hunt & Michelle Cloutier-Hunt
2nd Place – Jan Glenn, Randy Cox, Mike Fitzpatrick & Larry Pringle
3rd Place – Luke Simons, Tony Glenn, Gil Lesage & Dayton Coutts
4th Place – Deb Champaigne, Mike Milne, Brad Rouleau & Bob Nadon

Members Opening Day Tournament, May 4th 2013

Men Ladies
1st place Luke Simons Sharon McClelland
1st Low Gross Kurk Ammon Bonnie King
1st Low Net Mark Richard Jan Glenn
2nd Low Gross Steve Rodrigues Deb Campaigne
2nd Low Net Daren Gregory Marg Grenier
Senior Men
1st Place Peter Simon
1st Low Gross Dave Head
1st Low Net Dale Garner
2nd Low Gross Dick Turner
2nd Low Net Giles Lasarge
3rd Low Gross Joe DaCosta
3rd Low Net Tony Glenn
4th Low Gross Bob Nadon
4th Low Net Charles O’Neil
Below; the greens are amazing in May!!!

Member’s Mixed Scramble, August 11th, 2013

1st Place Team Mark Demers, George Katar & Sharon McClelland, Jim Munn
2nd Place Team Bonnie King, Wayne Kruz, Randy Cox and Audrey Nadon
3rd Place Team Gilles Grenier, Donny Impola, Rhoda MacFarlane & Zane MacFarlane
Closest to the pin was taken by Jan Glenn and Ray Medhurst
Michelle with her matching skirt and club head cover!

John Daly would be proud!
Wednesday’s are Members Team Days!
Wednesdays are for the Members Day events…teams of 5 or 6 play 9 holes and with a complicated points system Mike Fitzpatrick takes all the net scores and allocates points to each team. It’s a fun way to spend your day and put your scores to good use! Mike, you do a great job and you have managed to find a way to please everyone that plays in Members Wednesdays… everyone loves it. Mike took these photos of all the teams…thank again Mike!

Members Tombstone Tournament 2013

1st – Dayton Coutts 1 ft from pin #2
2nd -Bob Nadon – 14 ft from #1 pin
3rd – Randy Cox – 100 yards from #1 pin
4th – Leo hanlon – 150 yds from #1 pin
5th – Bob Mellon – 150 yds from pin #1
6th – Sharon McClelland – in hole #18
7th – Aaron O’Neil – in hole #18
8th – Larry Pringle – 6 ” from #18 pin
9th – Tom Savage – 8 ft from pin #18
10th – Donna Robinson -35yds from #18 pin
11th – Gerald Clark – 100 yds from #18 pin

Best tombstones won by #1 Tom Savage, #2 Dayton Coutts, #3 Donna Robinson

2013 Turkey Shoot Results

Men’s 1st Low Gross of the field Brian Robinson
1st Low Gross Luke Simons
1st Low Net George Kattar
Ladies 1st Low Gross Bonnie King
Ladies 1st Low Net Audrey Nadon

2013 Ralph Semmelhaack Memorial Tournament Results

Men’s Low Gross, Field Randy Cox
Ladies Low Gross, Field Sharon McClelland
Field Low Net Bulldog Ron McClellan 64
1st Low Gross, Ladies Bonnie King 84
1st Low Gross, Men Bill Clark 82


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