Seniors 2012

33rd Annual Men’s Senior Field Day, June 19, 2012

1st Low Gross of the field Sonny Mohammed Harborview 71 TB
1st Low Net of the field Larry McNeill Briar Fox 66

The largest field in years came out to The Braes and braved hot and humid weather although Mother Nature did give us a wee breeze and it turned out to be a wonderful day for all. A playoff was exiting between the reigning champ, Phil Howlett and Sonny Mohommed with Sonny taking the win on the first hole. We couldn’t do this tournament without all the volunteers so a special shout out to everyone who spent the day making sure the players had a good experience here at Camden Braes..

Age Group: 50-59

1st Low Gross Phil Howlett Trillium Woods 71TB
1st Low Net Dave Saunders Prescott 68TB
2nd Low Gross Rick Jaynes Ashbrook 73
2nd Low Net Randy Cox Camden Braes 68TB
3rd Low Gross Sean Selleck Smugglers Glen 75TB
3rd Low Net Paul Gauthier Ashbrook 70TB
4th Low Gross Fred Karam Harborview 75TB
4th Low Net Dave Eliott Glen Lawrence 72
5th Low Gross Joe Mathews Smugglers Glen 76
5th Low Net Scott Watson Smugglers Glen 83

Age Group: 60-64

1st Low Gross Eric Steven Garrison 78TB
1st Low Net Barry Latange Colonade 70
2nd Low Gross Geoff Henning Garrison 81
2nd Low Net Art Jackson Colonade 71
3rd Low Gross Bob Cassement Napanee 86
3rd Low Net Greg White Picton 72
4th Low Gross George Derue Rivendale 87
4th Low Net Ron Gillespie Napanee 73
5th Low Gross Dave Sookram Harborview 88
5th Low Net Ben Hartwick Napanee 75
6th Low Gross Giles Mallette Picton 89
6th Low Net John Smith Napanee 76

Age Group: 65-69

1st Low Gross Bob Collins – 2nd year in a row! Garrison 79
1st Low Net Garry Daly Picton 67
2nd Low Gross Carl Stacey – 2nd year in a row! Picton 80
2nd Low Net Murray Kenner Picton 70
3rd Low Gross Ray Medhurst Camden Braes 83TB
3rd Low Net Brian Hetherington Inverary 71
4th Low Gross Larry Waller – 2nd year! Inverary 83TB
4th Low Net Rick Chiarandini Loyalist 77
5th Low Gross Wayne Kellar Bancroft 86
5th Low Net John Metzler Camden Braes 78TB
6th Low Gross Don McDonald Pine Ridge 90
6th Low Net Guy Brown Camden Braes 78TB
7th Low Gross John Steele Rivendell 94
7th Low Net Barry Knox Camden Braes 78TB

Age Group: 70 +

1st Low Gross Murray Lively Rivendell 80
1st Low Net Frank Parker Briar Fox 71TB
2nd Low Gross Fred Staples Loyalist 82TB
2nd Low Net Allen Thompson Napanee 71TB
3rd Low Gross Wink Wilson Cataraqui 82TB
3rd Low Net Don Pyke Glen Lawrence 72
4th Low Gross George Yonemitzo Bancroft 83
4th Low Net Jack Hughes Briar Fox 73TB
5th Low Gross Ken Stoker Cobourg 86
5th Low Net Cyril Asselstine Rivendell 73TB
6th Low Gross John Little Bancroft 89
6th Low Net Ken Morris Loyalist 74
7th Low Gross Doug McCallum Garrison 91
7th Low Net Jack Derue Inverary 75TB
8th Low Gross Bob Foster Public 92TB
8th Low Net Bill Carr Colonnade 75TB
9th Low Gross Kevin Mills Cataraqui 92
9th Low Net Roger Dingman Briar Fox 75TB
10th Low Gross Bob Nadon Camden Braes 94
10th Low Net Jim Roenspiess Colonnade 76
11th Low Gross Charlie Osbourne Loyalist 95
11th Low Net Frank Dunham Napanee 77

Closest to the Hole for the field – Randy Cox, Camden Braes

Low Gross of the Field: Sonny Mohammed
Low Net of the Field: Larry McNeill
Low Gross 50-59: Phil Howlett with the Investors Group Bag
Low Gross 60-64: Eric Steven
Low Gross 65-69: Bob Collins
Low Gross: Murray Lively
Low Net 50-59: Dave Saunders
Low Net 65-69: Garry Daly
Low Net 60-64: Barry Latange


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