Mixed Invitational 2012

22nd Annual Mixed Invitational, 2012

A wonderful day was had by all! Thank you each and every one of you for participating in our 22nd annual tournament. The day was great on the links and the Prime Rib dinner was amazing back at the Braes ‘n Ale. Everyone went home with a crystal red wine glass for their collection. There were amazing prizes and almost everyone went home with something!

1st Low Gross Kurt Ammon & Christine Fraser 66
1st Low Net Jeff & Sue Butchers 59

A Flight
1st Low Gross John & Barb Hendy 76
1st Low Net Bill & Heather Cullin 60
2nd Low Gross John & Judy Taylor 77
2nd Low Net Brian & Kelly Wolfram 65
3rd Low Gross Joe & Lou Dacosta 81
3rd Low Net Gary & Marcy Daley 66
4th Low Gross Bill & Erma Wallace 81
4th Low Net Andy & Monique Patenaude 66

B Flight
1st Low Gross Bob & Audrey Nadon 86
1st Low Net Gord & Sandra Hazlitt 61
2nd Low Gross Mike & Carol Sheedy 87
2nd Low Net Gary & Linda Yoinot 62
3rd Low Gross Al & Rosina Thompson 87
3rd Low Net Jerry & Skye Wanamaker 64
4th Low Gross Gilles & margaret Grenier 88
4th Low Net Lorrance & Joan Baroque 64

1st Gross Randy Cox & Annie Kristensen
1st Net Steve & Sue Leknois
2nd Gross Stu & Joanne Bilodeau
2nd Net Gary & Julie Hart
3rd Gross Kevin Gauvreau & Heidi Rowsell

Thank you everyone for your support and your participation!
It was a wonderful day full of laughs and friendship and many memories were made, AND that my friends is really what life is all about!:)


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