Members 2012

2012 Muny Best Ball

1st place team – Margaret Grenier & Randy Cox
2nd place team – Ray Medhurst & Doug Perry
3rd place team – Joe Dacosta & Deb Campaigne
4th place team – Bob Nadon & Anna Metzger
5th place team – Fred Jesperson & Mike Fitzpatrick
Luke Simons won the putting contest with a 15!

Member’s Superball, Sunday July 22, 2012

1st Place – Nick Grenier, Clare Perry, Gilles Grenier
2nd Place – Mike Fitzpatrick, Ron McClelland, Lynda Mowers
3rd Place – Joe Dacosta, Tony Glenn, Jan Glenn
Skins – Donna Robinson, Don Impola, Mark Richard, Deb Campaigne, Tom Mercer, Jan Glenn, Fred Jesperson, Joe Dakota

Member’s Scramble, June 16th, 2012

1st Place – Clare Perry, Gilles Grenier, Joe Dacosta, Jamie Leach
2nd Place – Donna Robinson, Leo Hanlon, Mike Milne, George Kattar
3rd Place – Lou Dacosta, Bill Clark, Elmer Robinson, Gerald Clark
4th Place – Jan Glenn, Nick Grenier, Ron McClelland, Miranda Wolfram

Members Opening Day Tournament, May 5th 2012

Men Ladies
1st place Randy Cox Deb Campaigne
1st Low Gross Bill Dean Sharon McClelland
1st Low Net Bob Mellon Audrey Nadon
2nd Low Gross Luke Simons
2nd Low Net Jamie Leach
Mike Meulenbroeks
Rick Rogers

Senior Men
1st Low Gross Bob Nadon
1st Low Net Don Parks
2nd Low Gross Pete Simons
2nd Low Net Don Impola

Members Tombstone Tournament Results

1st – Bob Nadon #1 in the hole! 5th – Peter Beneteau 8th – Deb Campaigne
2nd – Randy Cox 6th – Kurt Ammon 9th – Nick Grenkier
3rd – Brian Robinson 7th – Gilles Grenier
4th – Bill Clark

2012 Turkey Shoot Results

Men’s 1st Low Gross of the field Luke Simmons 74
1st Low Gross Randy Cox 75
1st Low Net Bill Dean 68
Ladies 1st Low Gross Sharon McClelland 84
Ladies 1st Low Net Kelly Rodriguez 71

2012 Ralph Semmelhaack Memorial Tournament Results

Men’s Low Gross, Field Luke Simon 71
Ladies Low Gross, Field Sharon McClelland 83
Field Low Net Bulldog Tyson Dowdle 65
1st Low Gross, Ladies Brenda Sproule 99
1st Low Gross, Men Randy Cox 71
1st Low Net, Men Mark Richard 69
1st Low Net, Ladies Margaret Grenier 92


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