Ladies Scramble 2012

2012 Sixth Ladies 4 Person Scramble

Hot! Hot! Hot! It was a hot and humid day but a slight breeze kept the girls cool and so did the icy drinks on the beverage cart! Kelsey did a great job of keeping the ice flowing and making sure everyone kept hydrated.
Everyone went home with a prize, a koozie and lots of great memories. Thank you to everyone who helped and a special thank you to Sharon McClelland who marshaled, took the photos and looked after the scoring and announcements!

Every single golfer went home with a fantastic prize and spent some quality time with friends. It was a good day.

Thank you Lindsay, Whitney & Sharon for all your work in keeping things organized and running smoothly. Thank you to Brian Wolfram & all the kitchen and restaurant staff for your great service and delicious orange glazed chicken dinner and lemon cloud dessert! Kelly, your home made Caesar salad dressing was a huge hit! Kevin and the grounds crew worked hard to make sure the course was is great shape.

Camden Braes hopes everyone enjoyed the day and we hope to see you back again next year for the SEVENTH annual Fun Four Lady Open Scramble!

1st place

Anna Post, Deena Ryding, Connie McRae, Pat Burroughs

Trenton – 72

2nd place

LoriAnne Davies, Monique Patenaude, Stephenie Cochrane, Vicki Boivin

Morrisburg – 73TB

3rd place

Muriel Thibert, Deb Rankin, BJ Campbell, Judy Ferguson

Picton – 73TB

4th Place

Darlene Hiltz, Marg Watson, Linda Walsh, Lorraine Whalen

Oak Hills – 76

5th Place

Carol Nutt, Kathy Weese, Lu Senior, Joanne Kuypers

Trenton – 77

6th Place

Annette Box, Anita Kane, Barb Fuddard, Sharon Young

Oak Hills – 78

7th place

Fran Renoy, Eleanor O’Neil, Janet Kirkpatrick, Sandy Young


8th Place

Leslie Ottenhoff, Kim Price, Judy Fisher, Marion Clow


9th Place

Lou Murray, Marilyn Shaw, Sharon Stinson, Joanne Dunlop


10th Place

Linda Wolfram Fraser, Kristine Geary, Deb Corcoran

Camden Braes – 83

11th Place

Skye Wannamaker, Linda Stevens, Erin Surgent, Carolyn Reynolds

Camden Braes – 84

Closest to the Hole on #8 – Leslie Ottenhoff


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