Super Seniors 2011

32nd Annual Men’s Super Senior Field Golf Day, September 2011

What a wonderful day everyone had. The weather was sunny and bright and the super seniors were in great spirits as always! The scores were low and the compatition was on as the fellows hit the links. Five age groups leveled the field for each player.

A special thank you to Sharon and Randy for your help all day and Marg Wolfram for your time on the links.

1st Low Gross of the field Wayne Kellar Bancroft 73
1st Low Net of the field Ron Bunnett Brior Fox 65

A Flight: 60 to 64
1st Low Gross Al McDonald Picton 84
1st Low Net Ted Sullivan (2nd Year) Picton 69
2nd Low Gross Lloyd Fenimore Picton 87
2nd Low Net Tom Walters Picton 72
3rd Low Gross Bill Gallagher Picton 87
3rd Low Net Ron Cordukes Inverary 74
4th Low Gross Rick Cunningham Amerstview 87

B Flight: 65 to 69
1st Low Gross Garry Daly Picton 83
1st Low Net Barry Casey Loyalist 72
2nd Low Gross David Ashman Inverary 85
2nd Low Net Brian Hetherington 72
3rd Low Gross Larry Waller Inverary 86
3rd Low Net Leroy Littlefield 72
4th Low Gross Richard Waller Rivendale 84

C Flight: 70 to 74
1st Low Gross Murray Lively Rivendale 77
1st Low Net Charlie Osborne Loyalist 70
2nd Low Gross Bob Foster Public Player 84
2nd Low Net Ken Morris Rivendale 70
3rd Low Gross Andy Patenaude Morrisburg 88
3rd Low Net Roger Dingman Briar Fox 73
4th Low Gross Wink Wilson Cataraqui 89
4th Low Net Jack Derue Inverary 74
5th Low Gross Bob Nadon Camden Braes 90
5th Low Net Bill Coyle Colonnade 74

D Flight: 75 Plus
1st Low Gross Fred Staples Loyalist 76
1st Low Net John Hughes Briar Fox 69
2nd Low Gross George Yonemitsu 2nd year! Bancroft 83
2nd Low Net Jim Roenspiess 2nd year! Colonnade 70
3rd Low Gross Bob Ricks Loyalist 85
3rd Low Net Glenn Harry 73
4th Low Gross Doug McCallum Garrison 87
4th Low Net Richard Austin Camden Braes 76
5th Low Gross Kevin Mills Cataraqui 90
5th Low Net Dick Fleming 76


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