Early Bird 2011

Men’s 34th Annual Early Bird Invitational, May 21st, 2011

After almost one and a half months of rain it finally stoped for the 34th annual Early Bird! The ground was saturated and the course played long. It was an exiting finish with Luke Simon (age 19) and Peter Beneteau (age 14) tied for the lead with 73! Sharon McClelland took the boys out for the play off and after both taking a 4 on #1, Peter grabbed the win on the 18th green while everyone watched from the clubhouse balcony. It was a great end to a wonderful day.

1st Low Gross of the Field Peter Beneteau Camden Braes 73
1st Low Net of the Field Murray Lively Rivendell 67

A Flight

1st Low Gross Luke Simons Camden Braes 73
1st Low Net Josh Driver Warkworth 70
2nd Low Gross Dave Casey Camden Braes 76
2nd Low Net Adam Leadbetter Evergreen 74
3rd Low Gross Brian Hutchenson Colonnade 81
3rd Low Net Jamie Leach Camden Braes 77

B Flight

1st Low Gross Ezel Erkan Camden Braes 75
1st Low Net Jim Mulville Camden Braes 67
2nd Low Gross Chris MacIver Pine Ridge 80
2nd Low Net Sean Nicholas Pine Ridge 72
3rd Low Gross Mark Richard Camden Braes 85
3rd Low Net Kevin Doucette Pine Ridge 78

C Flight

1st Low Gross John Hendy – 2nd year Pine Ridge 82
1st Low Net Jim Clare Pine Ridge 72
2nd Low Gross Bob Morrow Pine Ridge 85
2nd Low Net Jeff Baker Pine Ridge 75
3rd Low Gross Bernie Belanger Warkworth 75
3rd Low Net Gord Harbottle Oshawa 75


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