Super Seniors 2010

31st Annual Men’s Super Senior Field Golf Day, September 2010

Even with two rain delays we had a great day with the SUPER Seniors this year. And by SUPER I mean terrific …because they all went out into the rain with such great attitudes and despite the weather everyone managed to enjoy the day! Now that is what it is all about and these guys know it AND take a look at the scores below!

Scroll down to enjoy the photos of the day.
1st Low Gross of the field Murray Lively Rivendell 74
1st Low Net of the field Garry Daly Picton 65

A Flight: 60 to 64
1st Low Gross Dave Marvin Rivendell 79
1st Low Net Ted Sullivan Picton 67
2nd Low Gross George Derue Rivendell 81
2nd Low Net Jerry Irwin Rivendell 67
3rd Low Gross Ray Medhurst Camden Braes 82
3rd Low Net Harry Ottenhof Briar Fox 67
4th Low Gross Ron Gillespie Napanee 85
4th Low Net Wayne French Rivendell 75

B Flight: 65 to 69
1st Low Gross Roger Ling Trillium Woods 78
1st Low Net Wayne Carey Amherstview 66
2nd Low Gross Richard Waller Rivendell 80
2nd Low Net Bob Youmelle Morrisburg 69
3rd Low Gross Wayne Keller Bancroft 81
3rd Low Net Larry Waller Inverary 71
4th Low Gross Doug Lake Briar Fox 84
4th Low Net Lunel Lindo Bell Park 67

C Flight: 70 to 74
1st Low Gross Bob Foster Cataraqui 76
1st Low Net Ron McClelland Camden Braes 67
2nd Low Gross Wink Wilson Cataraqui 83
2nd Low Net Wayne Gollogly 69
3rd Low Gross Jack Hughs Briar Fox 85
3rd Low Net Frank Dunham Napanee 70
4th Low Gross Ken Stoker Coburg 87
4th Low Net Roger Dingman Briar Fox 70

D Flight: 75 Plus
1st Low Gross Kevin Mills Cataraqui 81
1st Low Net Reg Shadbold 71
2nd Low Gross George Yonemitsu 82
2nd Low Net Jim Roenspiess Colonnade 72
3rd Low Gross Fred Staples Garrison 85
3rd Low Net Russ Gilchrist Picton 75


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