Seniors 2010

Men’s Senior Field Day, June 15, 2010

The weather was sunny and bright and everyone had a great day. A special thank you to Steve Watt, Investors Group for donating the travel golf bag given as the Closest to the Hole prize. Thank you to Sniders for the hot dogs, Sysco for the hamburgers, Camden Braes for the buns and Coca Cola for the drinks. It is due to the sponsors that this tournament is so well attended. Great golf, great prizes and great food all add up to a great day!

1st Low Gross of the field Randy Cox Camden Braes 72
1st Low Net of the field Mike Murray & Greg White 64

50 to 59
1st Low Gross Phil howled 74
1st Low Net Fred Karam & Benny Hartwick 70
2nd Low Gross Geoff Henning 76
2nd Low Net Billy Khan 73
3rd Low Gross Milt Rose 77
3rd Low Net Rick Revelle 74
4th Low Gross Brian Robinson 85
4th Low Net Steve Grant & Ron Genereau 77
5th Low Gross Lenny Chin 91

60 to 64
1st Low Gross Sonny Mohammed 75
1st Low Net Pinkie Khan & Ron Cordukes 68
2nd Low Gross Art Jackson 82
2nd Low Net Barry Letang 69
3rd Low Gross Jim Walker & Bob Casement 86
3rd Low Net Barry Clayton 73
4th Low Gross Ray Medhurst & George Derue 87
4th Low Net Dave Ashman 74
5th Low Gross Rus Leal, Larry McNeil & Murray Kinnear 90

65 to 69
1st Low Gross Carl Stacey 76
1st Low Net Garry Daly 72
2nd Low Gross Wayne Kellar 84
2nd Low Net Dave Linton 74
3rd Low Gross Brian Roach 86
3rd Low Net Leroy Littlefild, Don Pyke & Wayne Allen 76
4th Low Gross Larry Waller 87
4th Low Net Ted Clarke 78

70 & over
1st Low Gross Robert Foster 77
1st Low Net Ian Hodkinson & Jack Derue 70
2nd Low Gross Gerald Manale 79
2nd Low Net George Yonamitsu, Bill Carr & Roy Campbell 72
3rd Low Gross Doug Jones 87
3rd Low Net Ib Lauritsen 74
4th Low Gross Ken Stoker 76
4th Low Net Doug McCullum, Carl Stradwick & Albert Cox 76
5th Low Gross Wink Wilson 85


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