Super Seniors 2009

Men’s Super Senior Field Golf Day, September 2009

Ah, there was a chill in the air and you can feel fall just around the corner. It was a sunny day and the super seniors were super! Always having a great time while enjoying a day of golf with their buddies.

Scroll down to enjoy the photos of the day..
1st Low Gross of the field – play off 3 way with Bob Collins & George Derue
Roger Ling – birdie won it on the 1st hole! Trillium Wood 78
1st Low Net of the field Roger Dingman Briar Fox 65

A Flight: 60 to 64

1st Low Gross George Derue Rivendell 78
1st Low Net Gerry Irwin Rivendell 69
2nd Low Gross Gary McKenzie Rivendell 80
2nd Low Net Barry Letang Colonnade 69
3rd Low Gross David Ashman Inverary 83
3rd Low Net Guy Charon Briar Fox 72
4th Low Gross Art Jackson Colonnade 84
4th Low Net Wayne French Rivendell 72

B Flight: 65 to 69
1st Low Gross Bob Collins Cataraqui 78
1st Low Net Garry Daly Picton 67
2nd Low Gross Carl Stacey 81
2nd Low Net Carlie Osborne Loyalist 67
3rd Low Gross Brian hetherington Inverary 86
3rd Low Net David Kingsley Cataraqui 74
4th Low Gross Doug McPherson 84
4th Low Net Wayne Allen Inverary 74

C Flight: 70 to 74
1st Low Gross John Offenbeck Cataraqui 80
1st Low Net Jack Hughs Briar Fox 69
2nd Low Gross Wink Wilson Cataraqui 80
2nd Low Net Jack Derue Inverary 70
3rd Low Gross Murray Lively Rivendell 84
3rd Low Net Wayne Gollagly Glen Lawrence 71
4th Low Gross Wayne Nichols Glen Lawrence 85
4th Low Net Bob Hughes Briar Fox 71

D Flight: 75 Plus
1st Low Gross Doug McCallum Garrison 82
1st Low Net Les Hoel Cataraqui 69
2nd Low Gross Kevin Mills Cataraqui 83
2nd Low Net Reg Shadbolt Garrison 69
3rd Low Gross Fred Staples Garrison 85
3rd Low Net Dick Flemming Cataraqui 73
4th Low Gross Ron Bunnett Cataraqui 92
4th Low Net Bill MacGregor Cataraqui 83
Recreational Division Winner Leroy Littlefield

Camden Braes hopes that everyone had a great day and we are looking forward to another wonderful tournament next year.

Thanks Sharon for helping out with registration.


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