Seniors 2009

Men’s Senior Field Day, June 16, 2009

The 30th annual Senior Men’s Invitational was held at Camden Braes Golf and Country Club on Tuesday, June 16th. The course was playing extremely long due to thunderstorms and hail the previous day, but that didn’t bother Phil Howlett, who fired an impressive even par 72 to claim the title. That round was good enough to beat second place by two strokes.
The bridesmaid this day was Rick Jaynes, whose 74 left him wishing he could’ve made a couple more putts. He found consolation, however, in the fact that he earned low gross honours for his age group. The man who earned the nickname “Sandy” for the next year by taking low net honours for the field was Mr. Wayne Allen, whose net score of 66 will have his buddies questioning his handicap for a while. he won’t care thought, as he’s now pushing his clubs around on his fancy new 3-wheeled golf cart that he won. There were several other beautiful scores in the mid to low 70’s, and there were more prizes given out than you could shake a niblick at, making this gorgeous spring day an instant classic. A big thank you, as always, goes out to everyone who volunteered their time, and to the golfers who keep making this annual event so special.
by Derek Baker

Please scroll down to enjoy the photos of the day…
1st Low Gross of the field Phil Howlett Trillium Woods 72
1st Low Net of the field Wayne Allen Inverary 66
Closest to the Hole Jim Walker

50 to 59
1st Low Gross Rick Jaynes 74
1st Low Net Ted Sullivan 69
2nd Low Gross Sonny Mohamed 75
2nd Low Net Randy Cox 70
3rd Low Gross Milt Rose 77
3rd Low Net Rick Revelle 72
4th Low Gross Fred Karam 80
4th Low Net Brian Robinson 74
5th Low Gross Geoff Henning 81
5th Low Net Burt Vanbenshop 75

60 to 64
1st Low Gross Bill Blake 79
1st Low Net Murray Kinnear 72
2nd Low Gross Wayne Kellar 79
2nd Low Net Marcel Simard 72
3rd Low Gross Ted Casson 85
3rd Low Net Tony Terhars 73
4th Low Gross Sandy McBride 86
4th Low Net Henry Ottenhoff 73
5th Low Gross Al Laanemets 86
5th Low Net Gerry Irwin 73

65 to 69
1st Low Gross Allen Stitt 76
1st Low Net Cecil Asselstine 71
2nd Low Gross Ron Brown 76
2nd Low Net Bob Foster 71
3rd Low Gross Bob Collins 76
3rd Low Net Carl Stacey 71
4th Low Gross Wink Wilson 81
4th Low Net Larry Porter 74
5th Low Gross Kent Lloyd 89
56h Low Net Wayne Carey 75

70 & over
1st Low Gross Murray Lively 78
1st Low Net Wayne Gollogly 70
2nd Low Gross George Yonemizu 82
2nd Low Net Ian Hadkinson 71
3rd Low Gross Fred Staples 82
3rd Low Net Glenn Harry 73
4th Low Gross John Offenbeck 84
4th Low Net Bill Carr 75
5th Low Gross Doug McCallum 85
5th Low Net Doug Jones 77


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