Seniors 2008

Men’s Senior Field Day, June 17, 2008

With rainy skies and gusting winds, the players in the 29 th annual senior men’s invitational at Camden Braes Golf and Country Club left some shots on the course. The lowest score of the day belonged to Milt Rose, who won the event for the second straight year, with a rock-solid round of 74. The low net score for the day was posted by Wayne French, whose effective use of the handicap system led to an amazing round of 64. Carl Stacey, whose round of 75 left him waiting in the clubhouse to see if his score would hold up, was pleased to accept the low gross honours in the 60-64 age flight after he learned that he fell one shot short of a playoff for the trophy. Rick Jaynes also fell just short, posting a 76, but took home a great prize for winning low gross for the 50-59 age flight. There was an excellent turnout for this classic event and, as always, the competition was stiff, and a lot of fun was had. A big thanks to all of the volunteers who made this day possible – Doug, Christine and Bradley.
by Derek Baker

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1st Low Gross of the field Milt Rose Napanee 74
1st Low Net of the field Wayne French 64

Closest to the Hole Mike Bullock

50 to 59
1st Low Gross Rick Jaynes 76
1st Low Net Rick Revelle 70
2nd Low Gross George Derue 79
2nd Low Net Doug Salisbury 74
3rd Low Gross Geoff Henning 79
3rd Low Net Mike Fitzpatrick 2nd year 77

60 to 64
1st Low Gross Carl Stacey 75
1st Low Net Larry Hogan 68
2nd Low Gross Bob Collins 77
2nd Low Net Jim Walker 71
3rd Low Gross Gary MacKenzie 79
3rd Low Net Mike Bullock 71
4th Low Gross Larry Waller 84
4th Low Net Gerry Irwin 72
5th Low Gross Roger Gollogly 85
5th Low Net Wayne Carey 73

65 to 69
1st Low Gross Bob Foster 79
1st Low Net Don Pyke 68
2nd Low Gross Doug McPherson 80
2nd Low Net Wayne Gollighly 69
3rd Low Gross Ron Brown 81
3rd Low Net Jack Derue 71
4th Low Gross Wayne Nichols 82
4th Low Net Brian Hetherington 74

70 & over
1st Low Gross Fred Staples 81
1st Low Net Les Hoel 73
2nd Low Gross John Offenbeck 84
2nd Low Net Reg Shadbolt 73
3rd Low Gross Doug Jones 85
3rd Low Net Haydon Bullen 73
4th Low Gross Carl Stradwick 85
4th Low Net Dick Flemming 74
5th Low Gross Ian Hopkinson 86
5th Low Net Albert Cox 75


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