Seniors 2007

Men’s Senior Field Day, June 19, 2007

The rain held off for the entire day, and some great scores were posted as a result. Milt Rose from Napanee Golf Club shot a blistering 2 under par with a 70 to win by 2 strokes. Meanwhile Dave Linton went 10 strokes below his handicap to post a solid net 62 to win low net honours for the field.

A special thank you to Sharon, Randy, Doug, and Clare for helping make the day such a success! It is always great to see all the familiar faces! Please scroll down to enjoy the photos of the day…

1st Low Gross of the field Milt Rose Napanee 70
1st Low Net of the field Dave Linton Inverary 62

A Flight: 50 to 54
1st Low Gross Rick Revelle Colonnade 78
1st Low Net Brian Vermeersch – 2nd year Bancroft 65

A Flight: 55 to 59
1st Low Gross Geoff Henning Cataraqui 72
1st Low Net Russ Leal Bay of Quinte 73
2nd Low Gross Wayne Chaisson Garrison 80
2nd Low Net Jim Walker Amherstview 73
3rd Low Gross Sandy McBride Amherstview 81
3rd Low Net Mike Fitzpatrick Camden Braes 74

A Flight: 60 to 64
1st Low Gross Bob Collins 4th YEAR! Cataraqui 75
1st Low Net Wayne French Rivendell 65
2nd Low Gross Bill Blake Garrison 75
2nd Low Net John Leonard Garrison 69
3rd Low Gross Peter Jarvis Cataraqui 78
3rd Low Net Ted Burgess Garrison 71
4th Low Gross Sterling Zeran Garrison 78
4th Low Net Larry Waller Inverary 72

B Flight: 60 to 64
1st Low Gross John Steele Rivendell 80
1st Low Net Jerry Irwin Rivendell 70
2nd Low Gross Larry Porter Colanade 82
2nd Low Net Henry Ottenhof Rivendell 71
3rd Low Gross Hugh Sharpe Bancroft 85
3rd Low Net Wayne Kruz Camden Braes 71

A Flight: 65 to 69
1st Low Gross Ron Brown Cataraqui 76
1st Low Net John Jarvis Cataraqui 63
2nd Low Gross Wink Wilson Cataraqui 80
2nd Low Net Wayne Nichok Rivendell 72
3rd Low Gross Bob Daley Cataraqui 82
3rd Low Net Charles Osbourne Loyalist 75
4th Low Gross Doug MacPherson Cataraqui 87
4th Low Net Gary Caruther Loyalist 76

B Flight: 65 to 69
1st Low Gross Cecil Asselstine Rivendell 91
1st Low Net Cyril Asselstin Rivendell 69
2nd Low Gross Don Pyke Amherstview 94
2nd Low Net Jack Derue Inverary 76
3rd Low Gross Mike Murray Amherstview 97
3rd Low Net Nev Burrows Bay of Quinty 77
4th Low Gross Albert Cox Bancroft 77

A Flight: 70 Plus
1st Low Gross Jim Roenspies Garrison 77
1st Low Net Ron Pritchard Rivendell 66
2nd Low Gross Doug Jones Cataraqui 79
2nd Low Net Reg Shadbolt Garrison 68
3rd Low Gross George yonemitsu Bancroft 81
3rd Low Net Wendall Barrett Loyalist 74
4th Low Gross Fred Staples Loyalist 84
4th Low Net Bill Coatup Amherstview 75

B Flight: 70 Plus
1st Low Gross Harry Glyn Cataraqui 87
1st Low Net Charles Culmer Picton 70
2nd Low Gross Stan Reid Bay of Quinte 89
2nd Low Net Less Hoel Cataraqui 72
3rd Low Gross Norm Hayword P.R. 91
3rd Low Net Mac McRae Loyalist 75
4th Low Gross Lou Scott Cataraqui 75


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