Super Seniors 2006

Men’s Super Senior Field Day, September 2006

The forecast was 40% rain but as we had requested it to hold off till the boys finished golf, everyone enjoyed a perfect golf day! Not too hot, not too cold and no rain.

The day ended in a tie for 1st low gross between Mike Amson of Camden Braes and Bob Foster of Ashbrooke. The playoff on the first hole was exiting with Mike chipping a beautiful shot 16 inches from the hole leaving an easy putt for a 4. Bob was on the green in two and had a 14 foot putt for the win … he stood over the ball, and with a confident stroke made the putt for a 3 and the win.

A special thank you to Sharon, Randy, and Donna for helping make the day such a success! Thank you also to Margaret Wolfram – the founder of this tournament, for coming out to help. Scroll down to enjoy the photos of the day..

1st Low Gross of the field Bob Foster Ashbrooke 74
1st Low Net of the field Roger Dingman Briar Fox 63

A Flight: 60 to 64
1st Low Gross Mike Amson Camden Braes 74
1st Low Net Derek Hall Pine Ridge 64
2nd Low Gross Wayne Kellar Bancroft 77
2nd Low Net Jerry Irwin Rivendell 65
3rd Low Gross Steve Quinn Camden Braes 79
3rd Low Net Wayne Allen Rivendell 65

B Flight: 65 to 69
1st Low Gross Murrey Levely Revindell 79
1st Low Net Andy Patenaude Morrisburg 67
2nd Low Gross Doug Jones Cataraqui 79
2nd Low Net Gary Locke Pine Ridge 67
3rd Low Gross Wayne Nichols Rivindell 81
3rd Low Net Bob Youmelle Morrisburg 71
4th Low Gross Pierre Larochelle Cataraqui 83
4th Low Net Ihab Kamal Cataraqui 72

C Flight: 70 to 74
1st Low Gross Fred Staples Loyalist 77
1st Low Net Reg Shadbolt Garrison 68
2nd Low Gross Jack Hughs Briar Fox 77
2nd Low Net George Yonemitsu Bancroft 68
3rd Low Gross Kevin Mills Cataraqui 80
3rd Low Net Art Kellar Camden Braes 70
4th Low Gross John Offenbeck Cataraqui 82
4th Low Net Ted Christie Bay of Quinty 74

D Flight: 75 Plus
1st Low Gross Jim Knight WW 81
1st Low Net Doug Graham Rivendell 67
2nd Low Gross Ron Bunnett 82
2nd Low Net Stan Dyson Pine Ridge 68
3rd Low Gross Richard Flemming Cataraqui 87
3rd Low Net Andy Flesch Garrison 70
4th Low Gross Don Rayner Salt Creek 89
4th Low Net Les Hoel Cataraqui 73


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