Seniors 2006

Men’s Senior Field Day, June 20, 2006

The forecast was rain again this year, but how wrong they were! It actually turned out to be an ideal day for golf. The sun was shining, a few fluffy clouds here and there made the panoramic views spectacular and the breeze was just enough to keep everyone cool.
Linda went out onto the course a took lots of photos of the competitors in action. As everyone came into the club for their meal we played a slide show (on the 100″ screen) of the photos taken last year! Below is a collection of photos from Tuesdays shotgun, hope you enjoy them.
Great to see everyone each year. A special thank you to Sharon, Randy, Connie, Ray and Donna for helping make the day such a success! Thank you also to Margaret Wolfram – the founder of this tournament, for coming out to help. Scroll down to enjoy the photos of the day…

1st Low Gross of the field
Geoff Henning (2nd year in a row) Cataraqui 72
1st Low Net of the field
Murray Lively Rivendell 64

A Flight: 50 to 54
1st Low Gross Rick Jaynes Ashberry 73
1st Low Net Brian Vermeesch Bancroft 70
2nd Low Gross Milt Rose Napanee 77
2nd Low Net Blair Thompson Oak Hills 74
32nd Low Net Tied Rick Revelle Colonnade 74

B Flight: 55 to 59
1st Low Gross Bill Blake Garrison 73
1st Low Net Ray Medhurst Camden Braes 68
2nd Low Gross Sandy McBride Amherstview 79
2nd Low Net Don McDonald Pine Ridge 70
3rd Low Gross Mike Amson Camden Braes 80
3rd Low Net Murray Kimnear Pine Ridge 70
4th Low Gross George Derue Rivendell 81
4th Low Net Brian Donovan Amherstview 73

C Flight: 60 to 64
1st Low Gross Bob Collins (3rd year) Cataraqui 77
1st Low Net Don Crone Rivendell 66
2nd Low Gross Ron Brown Cataraqui 78
2nd Low Net Dick Flindall Camden Braes 69
3rd Low Gross Carl Stacey Picton 79
3rd Low Net Harry Ottenhoff Rivendell 70
4th Low Gross Ted Burgess Garrison 84
4th Low Net Jerry Irwin Rivendell 71

D Flight: 65 to 69
1st Low Gross Bob Foster Ashberry 76
1st Low Net Wink Wilson Cataraqui 71
2nd Low Gross Carl Stradwick (2nd year) Napanee 82
2nd Low Net Bill Samson Oak Hills 72
3rd Low Gross Don Walker Camden Braes 83
3rd Low Net Cecil Asselstine Rivendell 72
4th Low Gross Ian Grieve Barcoven 84
4th Low Net Wayne Collogley Gananoque 74

E Flight: 70 Plus
1st Low Gross Fred Staples Loyalist 81
1st Low Net John Offenbeck Cataraqui 72
2nd Low Gross Jim Roespies (2nd year) Colonade 83
2nd Low Net Russ Brown Garrison 72
3rd Low Gross Kevin Mills Cataraqui 84
3rd Low Net Glyn Harry Cataraqui 74
4th Low Gross Gerald Manale Prescott 84
4th Low Net Mac McCrae Cataraqui 74


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