Ladies Invitational 2006

Ladies Invitational 2006 in support of Breast Cancer

What a great day! A field of 127 ladies converged into the clubhouse to enjoy scones and coffee before heading out for their 10:00 shotgun. The course was in fine shape thanks to the grounds crew and lots of rain the week before. The course was a challenge with great pin placements and great weather. The kitchen crew got a standing ovation for their wonderful turkey dinner with all the fixings. Coffee and Chocolate truffle cake was enjoyed as the prizes were given out. Prizes were given out to each of 4 fields, 10 deep and then everyone else had their name thrown into a hat and drawn for a prize. Between the prize table and the raffle table for Breast Cancer there were over $6,000 worth of merchandize! Most went home with a prize. Everyone went home with a table gift, perfume from The Bay and a handy canvas bag from Leobs in the Bayridge plaza.

Thanks to many donations, enthusiastic volunteers and all the generous golfers, $1,216.50 was raised for Breast Cancer.

I hope you enjoy the photos taken on and off the course… scroll down to see them!

Low Gross of the Field Coleen Ward 81
Low Net of the Field Lori Flynn Camden Braes 66

A Flight
1st Low Gross Joann Smith 84
1st Low Net Betty Wannacott 71
2nd Low Gross Cookie Cartwright 86
2nd Low Net Sandra Wade 73
3st Low Gross Donna Walby 86
3st Low Net Sharon McClellan 73
4th Low Gross Sharon Sturgis 86
4th Low Net Anne Staley 74
5th Low Gross Marcia Daley 87
5th Low Net Kelly Hanson 74

B Flight
1st Low Gross Connie Wolfram 89
1st Low Net Beverly Davies 69
2nd Low Gross Dianne Ubdegrove 92
2nd Low Net Sheila Bush 71
3st Low Gross Erma Wallace 93
3st Low Net Joan Watson 72
4th Low Gross Donna Robinson 95
4th Low Net Linda Kelly 74
5th Low Gross Ellie Kompch 95
5th Low Net Anne Thew 74

C Flight
1st Low Gross Lynda Smith 96
1st Low Net Rina Gilmour 71
2nd Low Gross Anne Chapman 99
2nd Low Net Nellie Gervais 71
3st Low Gross Linda Zoeliner 101
3st Low Net Linda Hatley 73
4th Low Gross Linda Wolfram Fraser 103
4th Low Net Janet Crone 74
5th Low Gross Irene Johnstone 105
5th Low Net Florence Soulier 75

D Flight
1st Low Gross Caroline Smith 105
1st Low Net Muriel Laird 68
2nd Low Gross Linda Veinot 108
2nd Low Net Bev underhill 69
3rd Low Gross Margo Johnston 108
3rd Low Net Irene Rivet 71
4th Low Gross Clare Perry 109
4th Low Net Susan Riddell 72
5th Low Gross Liz Anderson 109
5th Low Net Pat Westfall 73

Closest to the Pin on #17: Maria Buttery
Closest to the Pin: Barb Bennett
Closest to the Pin #11: Nellie Gervais
Closest to the Pin #2 Clare Perry

A Special Thank you to our volunteers:
Tom Bates, Elmer Robinson, Bill Morton, Lynne Hedges, Bev Jarmin, Anna Metzger, Clare Perry, Donna Kellar, Marg Wolfram, Linda Wolfram Fraser, Sue McRae, Kim Power and Donna Robinson

An extra special thank you to Sharon McClelland who organizes and runs the tournament and makes it a wonderful event!

Thank you for the generous donations:
The Bay, The Body Shop, CC Country Gift Barn, Bank of Montreal (Clare Perry) Sue McRae, Ken Edgcombe, Jan Glenn, Sharon McClelland, Donna Robinson, Kelly Wolfram, Marg Wolfram. Loeb’s Bayridge, we all thank you for the wonderful canvas bags!


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