Super Seniors 2005

2005 Super Senior Invitational

The weather was wonderful, sunny and warm yet with a refreshingly cool hint in the air! The shotgun started at 10:00 and these seniors are fast, as the BBQ chicken was being served by 2:30! A special thank you to Donna, Ray, and Sharon who volunteered their help for the day. Hope you enjoy the photos of the day… scroll down to the results below.

1st Low Gross Roger Ling Trillium Wood 71
1st Low Net Lyle Baxter Oak Hills 60

Age: 60-64
1st Low Gross Wayne Keller Bancroft 75
1st Low Net Peter Runions Pine Ridge 68
2nd Low Gross Doug MacPherson Garrison 76
2nd Low Net Derek Hall Pine Ridge 69
3rd Low Gross Larry Waller Inverary 79
3rd Low Net Ron Ubdegrove Rivendell 70
4th Low Gross Kent Lloyd Cataraqui 82
4th Low Net Bob Youmelle Morrisburg 73

Age: 65-69
1st Low Gross Jack Hughes Briar Fox 76
1st Low Net Ken Stoker Ashbrook 66
2nd Low Gross Carl Stacey Picton 76
2nd Low Net Andre Patenaude Morrisburg 67
3rd Low Gross Bob Foster Ashbrook 76
3rd Low Net Roy Campbell Inverary 69
4th Low Gross George Murray Amherstview 80
4th Low Net Albert Cox Bancroft 69

Age: 70-74
1st Low Gross Ron Bunnett Briar Fox 80
1st Low Net Art Kellar Inverary 68
2nd Low Gross Jim Roespies Garrison 81
2nd Low Net Stan Dyson Pine Ridge 69
3rd Low Gross George Yonemitsu Bancroft 81
3rd Low Net Ron Johnstone Salt Creek 71
4th Low Gross Kevin Mills Cataraqui 83
4th Low Net John Hughes Bay Of Quinte 72

Age: 75 +
1st Low Gross Donald Rayner Salt Creek 84
1st Low Net Verne Goodwin Bay Of Quinte 69
2nd Low Gross William Paisley Cataraqui 88
2nd Low Net Jim Morris Ashbrook 72
3rd Low Gross Les Hoel Cataraqui 88
3rd Low Net Glynn Harry Cataraqui 77


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