Seniors 2005

Men’s Senior Field Day, June 14, 2005

The forecast was rain again this year and it poured as everyone traveled to the club. Again this year, everyone showed up ready and willing once again to brave the weather. To our delight, it turned out to be a fine day. The shotgun started at 10:00 and the men went around in record time.
Brian went out onto the course a took lots of photos of the competitors in action. As everyone came into the club for their meal we played a slide show (on the 100″ screen) of the photos taken that day. The good, the bad, and the … well there is a sampling below, you be the judge!
Great to see everyone each year. A special thank you to Sharon, Randy, Derek and Anna for helping all day long! Thank you also to Margaret Wolfram – the founder of this tournament, for coming out to help. Scroll down to enjoy the photos of the day…

1st Low Gross Geoff Henning Cataraqui 71
1st Low Net Dave Reynolds Briar Fox 62

A Flight: 50 to 54
1st Low Gross Milt Rose Napanee 73
1st Low Net Ryan Vermeersch Bancroft 72
2nd Low Gross Rick Revelle Colonnade 86
2nd Low Net Mike Fitzpatrick Camden Braes 77

B Flight: 55 to 59
1st Low Gross Paul Monette FOR THE SECOND YEAR Colonnade 77
1st Low Net Rick Cunningham FOR THE SECOND YEAR Amherstview 68
2nd Low Gross Don MacDonald Pine Ridge 77
2nd Low Net George Deruev Rivendell 71
3rd Low Gross Mike Amson Camden Braes 77
3rd Low Net Brian Donovan FOR THE SECOND YEAR Amherstview 71
4th Low Gross Dave Grieve Camden Braes 80
4th Low Net Dave Ashman Inverary 72

C Flight: 60 to 64
1st Low Gross Bob Collins FOR THE SECOND YEAR Cataraqui 71
1st Low Net Jim Power Amherstview 65
2nd Low Gross Carl Stacey Picton 76
2nd Low Net Dave Hudson Inverary 67
3rd Low Gross Ron Brown Cataraqui 77
3rd Low Net Joh Welch Cataraqui 70
4th Low Gross Alex McMillan Amherstview 78
4th Low Net Ted Burgess Garrison 70

D Flight: 65 to 69
1st Low Gross Wink Wilson Cataraqui 75
1st Low Net Cecil Asselstine Rivendell 66
2nd Low Gross Carl Stradwick Napanee 82
2nd Low Net Gary Locke Pine Ridge
3rd Low Gross John Moffat Cataraqui 84
3rd Low Net IB Lauritsen Inverary 69
4th Low Gross Gilles Hurtelboise Cataraqui 85
4th Low Net Cyril Assisting Rivendell 70

E Flight: 70 Plus
1st Low Gross George Yonimitseau Bancroft 78
1st Low Net Norm Hayward Pine Ridge 68
2nd Low Gross Jim Roespies Colonade 81
2nd Low Net Doug McCallum Garrison 68
3rd Low Gross Fred Staples Loyalist 83
3rd Low Net John Wyles Pine Ridge 68
4th Low Gross John Hughes Bay of Quinte 85
4th Low Net Howard Reed Inverary 69


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