Ladies Invitational 2005

Ladies Invitational 2005 in support of Breast Cancer

What a wonderful day it we had! The weather was sunny and warm with a slight breeze to keep everyone cool. The field of 130 ladies converged onto the course for a 10:00 shotgun after enjoying complimentary muffins, cookies and coffee. After 18 holes of golf the ladies feasted on our famous turkey dinner with all the fixings … including Mary’s fabulous turnip casserole.

Congratulations to Cookie Cartwright who got a hole in one on number 11 and, of course, closest to the hole!

Thanks to many donations, enthusiastic volunteers and all the generous golfers, $1,434.00 was raised for Breast Cancer.

I hope you enjoy the photos taken on and off the course below!

Low Gross of the Field Cookie Cartwright 75
Low Net of the Field Phyllis Dinghy 63

A Flight
1st Low Gross Donna Walby 78
1st Low Net Louise Baroque 67
2nd Low Gross Jennifer Ellis 80
2nd Low Net Erma Wallace 68
3st Low Gross Colleen Ward 81
3st Low Net Diane TroopJoan Watson 68
4th Low Gross Sharon McClellan 82
4th Low Net Sandra Wade 68
5th Low Gross Sharon Sturgis 83
5th Low Net Linda Walsh 68
6th Low Gross Diane Troop 85
6th Low Net Dianne Vermatt 68

B Flight
1st Low Gross Fay McLure 90
1st Low Net Carolyn Bell 64
2nd Low Gross Nancy Clark 95
2nd Low Net Nellie Gervais 69
3st Low Gross Shirley Egerton 98
3st Low Net June Hicks 70
4th Low Gross Barb Hudson 98
4th Low Net Sue Hubert 70
5th Low Gross Eve Forsythe 98
5th Low Net Linda Priest 71
6th Low Gross Lynne Meacock 99
6th Low Net Rina Gilmore 71

C Flight
1st Low Gross Lorraine Tracey 95
1st Low Net Sharon Young 65
2nd Low Gross Anita Kane 67
2nd Low Net Allie Menacer 67
3st Low Gross Erin Surgent 100
3st Low Net Madge Hartwick 67
4th Low Gross Margo Johnston 102
4th Low Net Evelyn Clissold 69
5th Low Gross Laura Steel 105
5th Low Net Pat Laurin 70
6th Low Gross Barbara Suddard 106
6th Low Net Sheila Couture Bev Churchill 71

Closest to the Hole #2: Flo Brinklow
Closest to the Hole #8: Alice Minaker
Closest to the Hole #11: Hole in One by Cookie Cartwright

50/50 Won $350.00!

Thank you to our volunteers:
Randy Cox, Lynne Hedges, Bev Jarmin, Inga Jesperson, Sharon McClelland Ray Medhurst, Anna & John Metzger, Bill Morton,Dave Mowers, Sylvia & Brendon Munnelly, Clare & Doug Perry,
Kim Power and Donna Robinson

Thank you to our Sponsors:
P & P In Hair, The Bay, Ken Edgcombe, Lori Flynn, Jan Glenn, Marg Grieve, Bev Jarmin, Inga Jesperson, Sharon McClelland, Joe Tessier, Clare Perry, Donna Robinson, Anne Staley, Kelly Wolfram, Marg Wolfram

Mary’s Famous Turnip Casserole!

3 cups mashed turnip
2 tbsp butter
2 eggs
2 tbsp. brown sugar
3 tbsp flour
1 tsp baking powder
salt & pepper to taste
Cut turnip into cubes. Cook in water and salt until soft. Strain and mash the turnip. Measure turnip to 3 cups. Add butter, brown sugar and eggs and mash. Add flour, baking powder and salt and pepper and mash again. Put into chaffing dish and cover with buttered bread crumbs. Bake uncovered at 350 for 30 min.


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