Early Bird 2005

Men’s Early Bird Invitational, May 21, 2005

1st Low Gross of the Field Bill Leadbetter Evergreen 73
1st Low Net of the Field Randy Cox Camden Braes 70

A Flight
1st Low Gross Rob Mulville Evergreen 73
1st Low Net James Hawkins Evergreen 71
2nd Low Gross Andrew Halliday Cataraqui 75
2nd Low Net Dan Geran Camden Braes 72
3rd Low Gross Dave Casey 75
3rd Low Net Mike Meulenbroeks Camden Braes 74
4th Low Gross Sandy McBride Amherstview 77
4th Low Net Adam Leadbetter Evergreen 75

B Flight
1st Low Gross Mike Hazel Camden Braes 79
1st Low Net Jeff Baker Pine Ridge 72
2nd Low Gross Al Hatton Camden Braes 83
2nd Low Net Luke Simons Camden Braes 73
3rd Low Gross Tom Crawford Pine Ridge 84
3rd Low Net Pinky Kahn 74
4th Low Gross Don Walker Camden Braes 85
4th Low Net Bob Morrow Pine Ridge 75

C Flight
1st Low Gross Kory Nickolson 88
1st Low Net Dave Mowers Camden Braes 73
2nd Low Gross Ken Crawford 88
2nd Low Net Gary Lock 73
3rd Low Gross Kevin Dulcet Pine Ridge 89
3rd Low Net Derek Hall Pine Ridge 74
4th Low Gross Glen Mumford Pine Ridge 90
4th Low Net Ken Edgecomb Camden Braes 75

Closest to the Hole: Scott MacCloud
Longest Drive: Bob Halliday
Closest to the Pi by Merit Travel: Sony Mohammed


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