Ladies Invitational 2004

Ladies Invitational 2004

Sunny and beautiful weather was ordered for September 14th for the ladies and that is what we got! The course was in great shape, lush and green and challenging for all.
Thank you Sharon for your organization and hard work to make this tournament special. Hope everyone enjoys the photos below of the golfers on the course, in the clubhouse and lastly the results and winners of the day. A special thank you to the 28 volunteers who spent the day at the club greeting, carrying clubs, loading carts, registering, selling 50/50, selling raffle tickets, marshalls, spotters, refreshment cart, you name it our volunteer did it all! Without the help of these fine people the day most certainly would not be such a success! I must also mention that some volunteers were from another club … how great to see them and even greater to have their help. Thank you everyone!

Field Low Gross Donna Walby 75
Field Low Net Flo Brinklow 68

“A” Flight
1st Low Gross Sharon McClelland 84
1st Low Net Diane Vermont 70
2nd Low Gross Kelly Hanson 85
2nd Low Net Cookie Cartwright 74
3rd Low Gross Sharon Sturges 86
3rd Low Net Beverley Davies 74
4th Low Gross Jennifer Ellis 87
4th Low Net Ingrid Kristensen 75
5th Low Gross Coleen Ward 87
5th Low Net Delta O’Harra 75
6th Low Gross Connie Conner 90
6th Low Net Louise Baroque 75
7th Low Gross Marcia Daly 92
7th Low Net Teresa Cunningham 76
8th Low Net Ellie Kompch 76
8th Low Gross Linda Walsh 94

“B” Flight
1st Low Gross Nancy Clark 96
1st Low Net Margaret Stephen 73
2nd Low Gross Barbara Hudson 99
2nd Low Net Shirley Greer 74
3rd Low Gross Linda Asselstine 102
3rd Low Net Susan Bertrand 75
4th Low Gross Barbara Sampson 103
4th Low Net Linda Wolfram Fraser 75
5th Low Gross Lou Dacosta 103
5th Low Net Lynda Mowers 75
6th Low Gross Lynda Smith 103
6th Low Net Sharon Young 77
7th Low Gross Connie Wolfram 105
7th Low Net Maryanne Mercer 78
8th Low Gross Alma Sinclair 107
8th Low Net Doreen Bates 78

“C” Flight
1st Low Gross Irene Johnston 101
1st Low Net Laura Steel 70
2nd Low Gross Judy Johnston 108
2nd Low Net Belva Johnston 72
3rd Low Gross Georgina May 109
3rd Low Net Linda Veinot 73
4th Low Gross Lonnie Thomas 110
4th Low Net Bev Jarmin 73
5th Low Gross Dora Burk 113
5th Low Net Caroline Smith 74
6th Low Gross Liz Anderson 113
6th Low Net Teresa McDonald 78
7th Low Gross Madge Hartwick 114
7th Low Net Phyllis Dinghy 79
8th Low Gross Allie Menacer 116
8th Low Net Muriel Laird 81


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