29th Annual Snolf Tournament and the first tournament of 2007! 2006 2005

Saturday February 10th, 2007 turned out to be a wonderful day to golf in the snow. Kevin had a great 9 hole course layed out and the sun danced on the snow as everyone took to the "links". Each hole was a little different and snow banks and bunkers challenged the best of snolfers! Warm hot chocolate and special coffees warmed the souls and a delicious meal followed. Toboggan races and winter fun kept everyone in stitches after the social.
Mike, Margaret, Doug, Gerald, Bill and Dave getting ready
Group of snolfer's on #5 green or should we call it "white"
Nice chip Brian!
Looks like you sunk the putt, way to go Brian
Here comes the next group
Lets follow Margaret from
tee to "green"
A difficult shot in the rough (powder)
Her chip is on the green (white)!
Nice putt/wedge
David and Margaret
Snolf isn't just for kids at heart, it's for the kids too!
Miranda on the "fairway", right down the middle!
Some kids snolf, while others toboggan
Gerald looks at the burdock ... Gerald envisions the balls path ... Gerald hits, has a nice follow through ... BUT
... alas, the burdock wins, as it grabs onto the ball, pulls it down to earth and halts any roll Gerald was hoping for!

Only in Snolf do you see this kind of predicament!
Bill following his Dad's footsteps ... into the bull rushes!
Brian in the rough, practices his swing
Linda & Marc on the 6th tee
Don in a difficult position!
Hey Marc, that's not the fairway
7 Green is all uphill!
Marc takes a back flip over the bunker onto frozen 8 pond!
Men's Winners: Jamie Leach and Women's division: Margaret Grieve
Great Game!

Great meal!

Great company!

Great fun!

Great day!
Miranda comes in 2nd
Thanks for the photos Geoff
Camden Braes presents our first tournament of the 2006 season!

The 28th Annual Snolf Tournament was held February 11th, 2006. The day turned out to be sunny and beautiful, with just enough snow to have some fun as snolfers played 9 holes across the frozen tundra! Skating, and tobogganing were also available for the non-snolfer. A delicious pot luck followed the outdoor sports while everyone enjoyed catching up with their summer friends.

Results were done using the Callaway Handicap System as follows:

Ladies: Margaret Grieve won with 1st Low Gross of 57
while Miranda Wolfram followed with 1st low net

Men: Jamie Leach took first Low Gross in the men's field with a 42
Mike Fitzpatrick followed with 1st Low Net and a 31
2nd Low Gross: Dave Grieve 43
2nd Low Net: Chris Dervenis 32
3rd Low Gross: Kevin Wolfram 45
3rd Low Net: Doug Meuhort 33
4th Low Gross: Don Wood & Brian Robinson 48
4th Low Net: Randy Peters 34
5th Low Gross: Geoff Bennett & Doug Grieve 53
5th Low Net: Jim Gray 35

Please enjoy the photos below of the 2005 Snolf Tournament

February 2005 the sun was out and the conditions were perfect.
Yvonne Mercer won the ladies division while Joe Tessier took first in the mens!!

Flying Snolfball

Great shot!


Snolf by the clubhouse

Kevin marshalling the snolfers!
Bradley, Mike D, Christine and Jamie on the 9th "green" or is it "white"?
nice chip Snolfing
Doug ... cool chip!
Putting ... it's par for the course, except in the snow!!
Here we go!
Tom having fun.
Here is a fun group.


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